What isPBR Surface Digital Twin

Virtual Rendering by Jakub Čech, Mode Maison

Digital Twin is a virtual replica or representation of real object, surface or phenomena. True digital twin shall behave exactly same in virtuality as it behaves in reality.

Such transformative idea is already happening and there are number of technologies that are converging to make that possible in CGI space.

Digital Twin technology does allow for businesses to transform and be more agile and effective providing possibilities of

  • Virtual Catalogue of Products

  • Virtual Catalogue of Surfaces

  • Moving Photoshoots to be Virtual

  • Generate Never seen SKUs

Because Digital Twins technology is still early, we would be cautious calling current virtual representations of objects (3d models) and surface (textures) Digital Twins - however technology savvy companies already utilize what is currently available to get all benefits listed.

PBR Surface Textures

PBR Surface Textures are representations of surfaces in virtual realm. These can be used to:

  • Render Products in Multiple SKUs

  • Make Virtual Photoshoot

  • Allow Artist to Download

  • Online Configurators

Many of these overlay with benefits listed above. Especially allowing 3d artists to download surface allows it to be used in visualization where many times developers and buyers are seeking for that exact finish to purchase.