Total Material Appearance Capture

A new generation of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texture capture device. Featuring ScanTray - samples handling in/out tray with an area of 1x1 meter fully back underlit BlackShine surface. Samples are captured with an a 3-step-LightSimulation - a Spotlight capture, Diffused light capture and Underlight capture handled by eight original Octopus design arms.

Automated capture completes in 50 seconds saving raw surface files of material. TMAC is based on photometric stereo featuring 120°C heat-resistant high-contrast MidOpt spotlight polarizer with original click in/out design and 400°C heat resistant special 99% light-transmission antirelection industrial AR70 glass.

Each Original Octopus arm features two spotlights with 95 Watts or 10,000 lumens each and lightsaber-like strip with original snap on design. Octopus arm is by design used as heat sink to reach maximum brightness levels and built-in thermal dispresion.

Industry-Grade Aluminium & Carbon/Glass Fiber

Frame design made of industry-grade aluminium, 100% dense PC carbon fiber blend and flexible glass fibers


TMAC provides versatility and CGI industry companies stated great performance. TMAC provides wide range of use, area of scan and simply put, great visual quality. Brought by one of best CGI artists and technicians in the world, TMAC stands for quality and features versatile color processes. Produced Albedo map has no baked light and thanks to internal setup of Octopus arms coupled with in house processing results in no directly perceivably reflected parasite light with correct black levels.

3-step Light Simulation

3-step-LightSimulation uses CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95+ with option of CRI 99 Sunlike together with phosphor reaching R9 of 99. Wavelengths close to sunlight ensures colors as meant to be seen and coupled with original in-house color process of color linearization, lens correction and color calibration makes for great textures. Precise color temperature with careful binning and current drive makes for no ghosting colors leaks and even distribution of light.

TMAC uses professional grade lighting components by Barthelme.

Power House

Power source and onboard computer provide operation and automation of whole process with settings of intesities and calibration mode for 90° high contrast cross polarization. Whole device features 1,830 Watts of lighting power.

BlackShine Scan Tray

ScanTray consists of original 10-layer sandwich design featuring black and white layer that appears completely black and matte for no ghosting inner reflections for regular capture and shines Underlight for traslucency capture. LGP (light Guide Plate) is core of the ScanTray delivering even light distribution with thousands of laser-engraved dots. Edge lighting travels trough dots reflected of debond going trough numerous passes of Reflection and opal layers finally hitting Original BlackShine layer.

Spider Holder

SpiderHolder ensures easy operation of capture with almost any camera slide in/out mechanism and wireless camera trigger. Supporting lens up to 72 mm providing adjustable scan area from maximum of 1,5 x 1,0 meter down to few centimeters. Based on camera used and focused area - DPI can range from 120 (using Nikon D3400 and focus area of 1,0 x 1,5 meters) to up to 7500 (using Hasselblad H6D-400c and focus area of 5x5 cm).

TMAC represents milestone created from love and passion to bring real world surfaces and objects to virtual realm in nuanced and believable manner.