About us


TMAC represents milestone created from love and passion to bring
real world surfaces and objects to virtual realm in nuanced and believable manner.

TMAC SCANS and TMAC Original device has been created by Jakub Čech, Mode Maison.

We continue to develop new technology and are striving for photorealism and nuance.

How it Works

Please proceed with next steps

1. Print Labels

Download labels and print them.

Print Labels

2. Iron & Clean

Make sure materials are straight, flat and clean. Imperfections are captured and translated to PBR maps.

Iron & Clean

Use lint remover to remove lints.

3. Label Materials

Attach printed and filled out labels on materials. Help attachment with pins or attachers.
Fill in name.

Make sure Label is marking face side.

4. Package in Tubes

For soft materials wrap material around roll and send in tubes.

Package in Tubes

Send to us

Person Name
Jakub Cech
Uralska 3
160 00
Czech Republic
00421 908 077 034
Czech flag

Current scanning location is based in Prague, Czechia. Europe

You are all Setup

You will be receiving finished files. We are going to be in touch in case of questions.